• I've got this!

    When youths can practice at a Real World, they are more confident about their ability to be successful.

  • What should I do?

    The Real World will help youths know what to do and how to make real world decisions.

  • I didn't know that

    The Real World opens youths' eyes to what they don't know - and they thought they did.

  • It cost how much?

    The Real World offers a realistic experience of purchasing items (like housing) that they have not had to consider.

  • Making an impact

    The Real World is an opportunity to get involved and truly make a difference in your community.

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What is this all about?

Why the Real World? - View our 1-minute video on left

What better way to see what decisions await in the Real World then to place youths in a situation where they can make those decisions! The Adolescent Real World Simulation works! Data collected from youth surveys suggest this simulated event has a powerful punch.

This site is dedicated to teaching adults who work with young people, how to design and coordinate a simulated Real World experience in their community. The Real World experience has been shown to help youths:

  1. Better understand the correlations between continued education and increased earning,
  2. Decision making regarding lifestyle choices and fiscal decisions, and
  3. Increase motivation to learn life skills required to transition to adulthood.

Why the Real World?

Research shows The Real World really makes an impact! Youths increased their learning on average by:

  • 50% - Information about renting
  • 26% - Budgeting
  • 58% - Banking
  • 42% - Health insurance
  • 27% - Connection between higher education and higher earning
Users with this curriculum on average increased their learning by 34% over face-to-face teaching.

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Real World News

  • 2016-10-02 02:29 PM NEWDB Real World scores BIG!

    The NE Workforce Development Board Youth Program along with students from 7 area high schools, YouthBuild, and other area youths participated in a Real World simulation that generated accolades from area professionals, businesses, and students alike.

    Daily Advance Story

  • 2012-08-21 11:43 PM Award Winning in Winston

    The Piedmont Triad Regional Council received a 2012 Innovation Award from the NADO Research Foundation for their Real World event.

  • 2012-10-09 11:42 PM Making it Count

    The Real World Youth Simulation gave Durham students insights about what’s involved with managing money after high school and college.